Watts Hall

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The Ohio State University (was created by)
Potter, Tyler, Martin and Roth (architect)
Original: October 1955; addition: March 1961
Watts Hall is Herrick Archives Building number 107. The Board of Trustees officially named the building "Watts Hall" on November 11, 1965 and alternate names include "Chemical Abstracts Building" and "Ceramic Engineering Building". It is located at 2041 North College Road on The Ohio State University campus. The building has a reinforced concrete frame with a brick exterior. The building was constructed for the Chemical Abstracts Service of The American Chemical Society. The space was subsequently taken over by Ceramic Engineering and later remodeled in connection with the construction of Building 265 (MacQuigg Laboratory). The building was enlarged once by the addition of a fourth story. 1955 Architects for the original building: Potter, Tyler, Martin, and Roth 1961 Architects for addition: Potter, Tyler, Martin, and Roth 1955 General contractors for the original building: Frank Messer and Sons 1961 General contractors for addition: Sheaf Construction Co.
1950s (1950 - 1959)
1960s (1960 - 1969)
reinforced concrete construction