Williams Natatorium, Cranbrook Academy

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Sandipan Aditya (was created by)
Tod Williams Billie Tsien and Associates (architect)
"Williams' and Tsien's design used building materials similar to the ones used by the original architect Eliel Saarinen, providing a careful union of old and new. They incorporated natural lighting whenever possible and brought the outdoors into the design through louvered wooden panels and large oculi in the ceiling that open to allow for natural ventilation and the occasional curious bird. They also scattered miniature lights in random pattern across the dark ceiling to mimic a starry night. And one exterior wall is made largely of glass, allowing swimmers to measure their progress by watching the trees go by outside." ---http://schools.cranbrook.edu/programs/williams/facility.asp?bhcp=1 Keywords: United States, Michigan, Bloomfield Hills, institutional buildings, recreation structures, blue volume. Submitted by Sandipan Aditya
2000s (2000 - 2009)