Xiangshan Art Academy

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Amateur Architecture (architect)
Wang Shu (architect)
Designed by Wang Shu and Amateur Architecture. The Xiangshan Art Academy consists of a campus master plan and 21 buildings built in two phases over six years. The buildings are arranged around an existing hill divided by historic property lines and leaves ample undisturbed land to be grazed by local farmers. The north side/phase 1 is compared to kai shu (standard geometric form of Chinese writing) and phase 2 is compared to cao shu (freehand cursive script). In addition to using local and recycled materials, the phase 2 buildings also draw heavily from traditional Chinese forms, rescaled and transformed: complexly pitched roofs, irregular passages, and courtyards looking out onto nature. The head of the Xiangshan school of architecture is Wang Shu himself.
People's Republic_access of China (1949 CE - Present)
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