Xiayu Kindergarten, Qingpu, China

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Timothy H. Crowther (photographer)
Atelier Deshaus (architect)
The kindergarten contains 15 classes, each one having it's own living room, dining room, bedroom and outdoor playground. After placing all the functions as a linear bar in the narrow site, we found that a soft curved form could suit the site better than straight lines. So we separated the 15 classrooms and teachers' offices into two curved clusters that are wrapped by solid and void material, respectively. A paint-finished wall distinguishes all of the classrooms while office and special classrooms are fenced by elevated Channel glass...The architecture volume is scattered by the tall trees dotting the courtyards, lending vigor to the final architectural figure. Thus the architecture and tall trees complement each other and cohabitate harmoniously in the narrow riverside. -- http://www.deshaus.com/projects.htm Keywords: China, People's Republic_access of China, PRC, academic buildings, tree plantings. Submitted by Timothy Crowther.
People's Republic_access of China (1949 CE - Present)
coniferous trees
herbaceous plants
deciduous trees