Chopin Memorial Concert Hall

Related people
Kody DeCosta (designer)
Brian Polgar (studio professor)
Spring 2018
Europe->Poland->Mazowieckie; Masovian->Sochaczew; Powiat sochaczewski->Zelazowa Wola
This was a student project by Kody DeCosta for Brian Polgar and Laura Bouwman's course ARCH 7420 in Spring 2018.
This project is a surface. The volume, space, relationship to ground, and circulation to and around the concert hall is all created by the surface. It has two sides as surfaces do, one made of concrete and the other of brick. These materials impose a pattern onto the surface that aids in the reading of the movement and demands attention to how this pattern moves along with it. The surface begins to peel apart as it makes its way up from the ground where it needs to be solid, this in between of the surface is frequently occupied and defines much of the initial circulation to the hall. The main concert hall exists, enveloped by the surface and its two sides, as a box in a box scenario and is established as the most important piece by both sides of the surface. The other pieces of program, a chamber hall, education space, practice space, offices, conference hall, and casual gathering spaces exist inside and in between the two sides of the surface as well. This notion of the surface creating everything and peeling apart opens up an exploration of inside vs outside, lack of threshold, and existing in between. These are the motives of exploration throughout the project.
ARCH 7420
Academic Class