Ghana Sustainable Change Program

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The Ghana Sustainable Change Program is an interdisciplinary service learning study abroad program managed by City and Regional Planning faculty members Kimberly Burton and Joseph Campbell.
The purpose of Sustainable Change is to provide culturally sensitive localized, district planning to assist the Offinso North District in meeting the challenges of population growth. The program’s approach focuses on working hand-in hand with the community. Prior to traveling to Ghana, an interdisciplinary group of undergraduate and graduate OSU students determine a series of projects on which they focus, including housing, mapping and land use planning, water, sanitation, public health, agriculture, and more.


Upon arriving in Ghana, the OSU students are joined by town planning students from KNUST and work in teams with community members and local government officials to carry out their projects. To date 42 undergraduate and graduate students have traveled to Ghana and 10 more will travel in May 2014, along with a representative of the University Alumni Advisory Council.