Belize City: The Jewel Of The Western Caribbean Coast

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North and Central America->Belize->Belize City
This Plan was born of a need to create safe, accessible spaces for the people of Belize to use recreationally, as well as from a need for the preservation of Belize City's Valuable ecological resources. This need was recognized and prioritized by the planners of Belize city, and brought to The Ohio State University to be further analyzed and fleshed out. The result is this Parks Plan.
The Ohio State University team began by first gaining an understanding of the Belize City Master Plan and other documents concerning Belizean history and culture., There was also consideration and research conducted on the ecological status and challenges faced by Belize and Belize City - as well as the imminent threat of climate change, hurricanes, and general flooding.
In addressing some of these topics, the Master Plan for Belize City aims to create a Blue-Green Network - a space that connects people and places through waterways and greenspaces. This Vision Connecting Greenspace, People and History expands on that concept through the lens of parks; considering the particular benefits and challenges of such a venture, and making more detailed recommendations on the subject.
AS Belize City's population and developed land both expand, the availability of open space becomes scarcer and more challenging to provide. In order to make those recommendations to address this and other issues, The Ohio State University team conducted more in-depth research (going beyond background information) on effective strategies to positively impact human health and wellbeing through: Recreational space for exercise, Ecological space for the benefits of various ecosystem services and include greenspaces acting toward carbon emissions mitigation.
City and Regional Planning
CRP 4900