Village of Buckeye Lake, Ohio Comprehensive Plan

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    Village of Buckeye Lake, Ohio Comprehensive Plan
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The Village of Buckeye Lake Comprehensive Plan provides recommendations for the community to plan for the growth and development for the future. The recommendations were developed through the planning process. The Comprehensive plan addresses land use, transportation, economic development, natural resources and open space, other potential public improvements. The goal of the plan is to develop a shared vision with the community of Buckeye Lake.
The goal of our studio was to develop a comprehensive plan for the Village of Buckeye Lake through the planning process. We began by researching and learning about the community of Buckeye Lake.
After understanding the background and existing conditions of the village, the next step was public involvement; understanding what the people of Buckeye Lake, and outside people think of the Village.
The plan recommendations element focuses on four principles that will guide future development including land use, economic activity, village identity, and natural resource conservation. The resultant principles were developed through examination of existing conditions, recommendations from village residents, and village goals.
After determining the plan recommendations for the Village of Buckeye Lake. A implementation and strategies section was develop to serve as guidances to manage and use the plan. The plan implementation provides a implementation matrix and a list of local, state, and federal grants and programs. The comprehensive plan is meant to be a working document that results in the enhancement and development of the Village of Buckeye Lake.
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