Aretha Franklin Performing Arts Highschool

Related people
Faris Ahmed (designer)
Viola Ago (studio professor)
Autumn 2018
North and Central America->United States->Michigan->Detroit
This was a student project by Faris Ahmed for Viola Ago's ARCH 4410 course in Autumn 2018.
"I was interested in the spatial effects of color such that color becomes architecturalized. It’s no longer used to emphasize form but more acts on its own accord. It brings into focus its own merits and dynamism. Along with experiencing these spatial effects of color, I facilitate thresholds between an overload of saturation and austere white, devoid of color. From outside the perimeter walls, an invitation; inside the walls, a reward, inside the building, a betrayal; and through the thresholds to move throughout the building, the delivery. Three threshold spaces, intimately connected to the inside and outside. Creating worlds within worlds. If you will deal with color saturation. If you go back to the discourse of color. Peter Eisenmann was the first who used color as an architectural material. Using color as architecture is radical. Artificial lighting is really important, painting and spot lights as the key moments in architecture. These moments become the most performative spaces. A world of sensorial delusion and sculptural dynamism. All of the spaces are stitched together by transitioning between the austere and the sensorial."
Envisioned location of project: Detroit, Michigan
ARCH 4410
Academic Class