Aretha Franklin High School for the Performing and Visual Arts

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Austin Lightle (designer)
Karen Lewis (studio professor)
Autumn 2018
North and Central America->United States->Michigan->Detroit
This was a project completed by Austin Lightle for Karen Lewis' ARCH 4410 course in Autumn 2018.
The site provided an opportunity to be a connecting point between Lafayette Park and the DeQuindre Cut. I wanted to create a park system that cuts through my school building to connect these existing parks. I studied current schools being built and I noticed a common theme, they are being built to keep the public out. New schools are being built with a similar structure and organization as prisons. I wanted to use the park to create a public circuit that cuts through the school, creating a place for the public and school. The park is a singular path that has public civic spaces located outside of the five main public spaces, auditorium, gymnasium, gallery, black box, and library. The Civic spaces mimic the passive nature of Lafayette and the connecting paths represent the active nature of the DeQuindre Cut.
ARCH 4410
Academic Class