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The Group Strategy analyzed patterns of campus development (departments, social space, housing, affiliation) in both location and density to arrive at a targeted mix of residential and commercial space that could balance out the unbalanced condition existing along High Street. Of particular interest, the group wanted to create new opportunities to mix existing neighborhood life in with the activities of the commercial strip and introduce new leisure spaces for neighborhood and campus alike. In doing so, the solution arrived at by the group delivered 6000 dormitory units along with the needed mix of commercial, recreation, support that the strategy would ultimately require, along with a solution that could be constructed in phases over time. Day’s further investigation of this strategy looked at the elevated plenum of space, which moved above and below grade could exist as parking, drop-ship warehouse, and utility space within, and as continuous secure “leisure zone” above. Her project explored how systems of housing (in her case, an 800 room hotel to serve the campus community) could interface with these zones and, in being “off-campus,” fold within other amenities (a small casino).
ARCH 441