Plaza Unravel

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In “Plaza Unravel” the group focused on an unbalanced condition of cultural communal space as a way to recalibrate the relationship between the academic and neighborhood communities that coalesce along High Street. The strategy was to match high intensities of student proximity on the campus side with higher density dormitory and service commercial, freeing up and “unraveling” public space mixed with lower density housing uses and types. Further the plan evenly incorporates and distributes parking and campus dining amenities along the ¾ mile strip, masquerading as anonymous ‘grab and go’ establishments that sporadically dot the streetscape. Lee’s investigation takes this strategy one step further, imagining how fragmented sites made by the collision of neighborhood fabric with campus amenities might be sutured back together via elevated gardens and public zones. He proposes a number of unique dormitory unit type that fit together into a cohesive whole, identifying their differences in the apertures patterning the building’s skin.
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