The Plazas on Broad

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Micah John Adams (designer)
Kyle Ezell (studio professor)
Spring 2021
The Plazas on Broad is a conceptual site plan for a parcel of land adjacent to to the Veteran's Memorial and Museum on Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio. The purpose of this project was to visualize ways to try to reactivate an underutilized space in Downtown Columbus for a purpose other than simply surface car parking. The Plazas name comes from the unique design of the site plan that includes two plazas connecting the site together into one cohesive space. The design of the site uses were also heavily inspired by the context of land parcel in which the site sits. Heavy consideration was given to the surrounding land uses to make sure that the proposed uses in The Plazas were compatible with surrounding uses and to try to minimize disturbance of adjacent properties. Lastly, The Plazas was designed to be a mixed-income community where a certain threshold of affordable housing must be met to insure that the neighborhood is unique and diverse.
City and Regional Planning