Kinships, Clusters and Communities

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Rachel Schmitmeyer (designer)
Ghazal Feizi (designer)
Brittney Wilson (designer)
Andrew Cruse (studio professor)
Sandhya Kochar (studio professor)
Spring 2021
"Kinships, Clusters and Communities" is a center for people who are displaced nationally and globally because of the climate crisis. It is located on the corner of High Street and 10th Avenue in Columbus, Ohio. For people facing displacement, interaction and inclusivity are often missing from their daily lives. The Center for Displaced People will accommodate various levels of kinships. Our ambition is to use collective spaces and porosity to facilitate and encourage interaction between the residents. By expanding our understanding of kinships to primary, secondary and odd, we explore the dynamics of nonfamilial networks which become the main form of the center. At a time when many people will feel isolated, the collective form of the center encourages community by relying on ontologies of network. The design of the center is against the individual and reliant on relationships.
ARCH 7420