2192-2268 Kenny Road, 2217-2252 Wood Avenue, 815-833 West Lane Avenue

acquired by purchase: H 940- 1921, H 941- 1921, H 942- 1933, H 943- 1921, H 944- 1920, H 945- 1920, H 946- 1922, H 947- 1920, H 948- 1921; demolished: date unknown
Shown here are Herrick Archives Numbers H 940 through H 948. The property consisted of a nine houses that were located between Kenny Road and the railroad and south of Lane in the Wood-Brown Subdivision on The Ohio State University campus. No record has been found to indicate their use for University purposes. All houses were wood frame buildings and have all been demolished. Keywords: United States, Ohio, Franklin County, Columbus, OSU, The Ohio State University, Kenny Road, Wood Avenue, West Lane Avenue, drawings, institutional building, school buildings, university or college buildings, complexes.