2386-2466 Kenny Road

H 919in 1968, H 920 in 1966, H 921 in1968, H 922 in 1965; demolished: shortly after acquisition
Shown here are Herrick Archives Numbers H 919 - H 922. All four buildings were acquired by the University. These buildings were never used for any University purposes. H 919 -- Was a two-story wood frame building, it consisted of five rooms and bath. It also had a garage block garage that was built in 1968. H 920 -- Was a one-story wood frame building, consisted of four rooms and bath, full basement and a barn in rear. H 921 -- Was a two-story wood frame building, with five rooms, and had no plumbing. H 922 -- Was a one-story wood frame building with five rooms, no plumbing and a shed in rear. These buildings were located at 2386-2466 Kenny Road on The Ohio State University campus. Keywords: United States, Ohio, Franklin County, Columbus, OSU, The Ohio State University, Kenny Road, drawings, complexes, campus, residential structures, housing.