600 Broadway

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This building is located at 600 Broadway in New York, New York 10012. This building is home to Hollister, the clothing company. Situated on one of the most prominent intersections in New York City at Broadway and Houston, the 600 Broadway building has served as the gateway to the SoHo district of Manhattan for 115 years. The vibrant neighborhood is rich with exceptional architecture of the cast iron era in New York, and is covered by the National Trust as a historic district. Over the life of this property, the building had fallen into a significant state of disrepair and was showing substantial deterioration to its exterior detail and interior structure. Working closely with The City of New York Department of Landmarks to preserve the urban character, the architect was able to revive the articulated detail of the original building condition. Through an exhaustive study and analysis of the building, the architect was able to determine the initial conditions, finishes, details that had been lost all in an effort to redeem the character of this important structure. The exterior design incorporates a minimal branded identity of the primary tenant and allowing the building itself to hold prominence enhancing the vibrancy of the neighborhood identity. The articulated storefront and rich architectural detail effectively connects to the pedestrian scale of the streetscape through strong attention in designing to a human scale. Once inside the exterior façade, the architect created an environment that relocates the customer from New York to the West Coast. The branded environment is modeled after a turn of the century pier with ocean side shack sales rooms and 4 story main circulation pier tower. Video display walls made up of over a 150 monitors set into historic window frames provide a live video feed to cameras mounted on The Huntington Beach Pier in Southern California. This live feed gives customers the experience and feel of being at the ocean all while being in the heart of New York City. Another distinct feature in the building is the main stair. Selectively removing the core volume of the building allowed a 4 story stair tower to be inserted. The stair is timber constructed and clad in iron plate with cast glass illuminated stair treads. It evokes a reminiscent detail of the iron clad structures often seen ocean side in classic historic environments. In order to meet local building codes, the stair tower was designed to have an automatic horizontal fire shutter cut through the entire tower mid section. Break away handrails and hidden seams in the stair treads hides the mechanical systems required for the shutter. The building renovation and design has been recognized by the SoHo district design review commission and The New York City Department of Landmarks as a significant accomplishment in fusing new design and retail branded identities in a historically accurate and appropriate development.
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