7 views; a proposal for an embassy

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Allison Drda (was created by)
Ashley Schafer (studio professor)
Fall 2014
This project mediates between extremes of reality and fictive worlds, specifically situated in the world of Google Earth. Its desire is one of architectural representation, acknowledging that the actual, physical location is no longer the most relevant in the representation of an entity, in this case the proposal of an embassy, and therefore focuses representation in the digital world. Designing within the prescribed views, the project plays with the glitches of Google Earth which leave us with a distorted familiarity of the physical world. Both as a commentary on what world and ground is or will be and a proposal for methods of design which harken back to the techniques of perspective, 7 views uses familiar architectural techniques of representation, such as perspective, fill, and cropping, in combination with 7 Google Earth views of the projects site to promote a re-understanding of the potential of factive fictions.
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ARCH 8410
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