Ackerman Property

demolished: as of February 22,1962 the buildings were on contract for removal.;1959
Shown here is Herrick Archives Number H 953, Ackerman Property. The Property consisted of a house, a sales building, the boiler house, and a garage (possibly used for residential purposes). The house was located at 1802 Olentangy River Road; greenhouse salesroom, at 1794 Olentangy River Road on The Ohio State University campus. All buildings were of frame construction and all were one story except the house, it was 1 1/2 stories. This property was the site of the greenhouses operated by Gustav Ackerman. Building A was the house. It included a basement, kitchen, dining room, living room, three bedrooms, and a bathroom. Building B was a sales building. Building C was the boiler house for heating the greenhouse. Building D was principally a garage, but possibly the west end might have been designed originally for residential purposes. Keywords: United States, Ohio, Franklin County, Columbus, OSU, The Ohio State University, Ackerman Property, Ackerman, drawings, agricultural structures, agricultural buildings, horticultural buildings, housing.