Altmarkt Galerie, Dresden

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Jennifer Evans Cowley (was created by)
September 17 2002 at 20:00
This market was built as part of a redevelopment effort to aid in the revitalization of inner city areas. The company ECE Projektmanagement G.m.b.H. & Co. has revitalized several areas using the concept of "lively marketplaces" to counteract the negative trends in inner city retail. "Observers point to the unfavourable trend in the retail sector and the high rents for top trading locations. As a result, more and more small and medium-sized retailers are giving up their shops, making way for "mono-structures" that detract from the vitality and variety of the city centres. Our experience shows that attractive shopping malls characterised by high-quality architecture and management and a varied branch mix always generate positive stimuli for the inner cities. They make these central locations more attractive and help to win back lost purchasing power. They strengthen the position of the towns and cities against ever-fiercer competition from the shopping complexes on out-of-town greenfield sites, a form of competition that is increasingly overshadowing the branch-based competition between retailers." -- Keywords: Germany, Saxony, Sachsen, Dresden, entrances, entry. Submitted by Jennifer E Cowley.
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