Basilica, or Temple of Hera I, Paestum, Italy

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550 BCE ca.
Paestum was established by Greek colonists from Sybaris. The city was conquered by the Lucanians, a local tribe, around 400 BCE. In 273 BCE it was overtaken by the Romans but only began its decline towards the end of the Empire due to malaria. Its baseless Doric temples are significant because their discovery in the mid-18th century inspired the Greek Revival. The Basilica is also known as the Temple of Hera I, and is an archaic Doric temple from ca. 550 BCE. The temple is located in the ancient city of Paestum. The building measuring approximately 24.5 by 53.3 meters (83 feet x 175 feet) and is peripteral with 9 by 18 columns on a three step stylobate.
Doric order
stone and/or rock