Bee Laboratory and Poultry Brooding House

5/28/2007 (creation)
This plan shows Building 249 (the Bee Laboraotry) and Building 250 (the Poultry Brooding House). Buildings 249 and 250 are a single structure created by combining Buildings H 230, H 231, and H 232. They were part of the First Poultry Farm constructed in 1912 on the west bank of the Olentangy River on The Ohio State University campus. The combined Buildings 249-250 were known as the "Poultry Science Brooding House." The 249 portion was the "headhouse" for the new complex. In 1962 this headhouse was remodeled to accommodate the genetics work for Prof. W. C. Rothenbuhler, who began his duties on September 1, 1962. During the planning of the remodeling, the terms "Apiary Building" and "Apiculture Laboratory" were used. It later came to be known as the "Bee Laboratory."
1910s (1910 - 1919)