Belvedere and gardens, Vienna, Austria

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Upper Palace: 1721-1724; Lower Palace: 1714-1716
The Belvedere was built as a summer residence with upper and lower palaces connected by extensive gardens. The garden connects the upper and lower Belvedere palaces. The garden is symmetrical and features sunken greens surrounded by hedges. The stone feature in the center of the picture is a tiered fountain. Two pools with statuary are at either side of the base of the fountain. A sloped, graveled walk extends from the palace, divides at the top of the fountain and joins the walks along the sides to continue through the garden. The garden contains two main levels or terraces. Each level slopes gently and the walks are interupted by large staircases on either side. The garden also features low parterres and annual planting beds. Keywords: Austria, Wien, site and landscaped elements, water features, residential structures. Submitted by Bradford Collett.
18th Century (1700 - 1799 CE)
deciduous trees