Bloch Cancer Survivors' Plaza, The Ohio State University

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Jessica Morgan Crossfield (was created by)
Victor Salmones (sculptor)
Contracts awarded: July, 1995;1996-06
The Bloch Cancer Survivors' Plaza is shown here as Herrick Archives Number PH 315. It is located at 2180 Olentangy River Road at Lane Avenue. It was named for Richard and Annette Bloch. Richard Bloch fought off lung cancer that he was diagnosed with in 1978. He co-founded H&R Bloch tax preparation service. The park is also known as "Cancer Survivors Park". The project consisted of constructing a plaza including sculpture walls, seating area, new walkways, an open one-story structure with a fountain and interactive computer, and a connector walk to the Fawcett Center with a six-space parking lot. R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation made a gift of $1 million to fund the construction. The intent was to create a meditative place in a natural setting, and to infuse that place with strong metaphorical references reflecting notions of self healing, inner light, and transformation. The elements include landscaping and benches, sculptures of 8 life size figures passing through a symbolic maze of doorways towards recovery. A "positive mental attitude walk" with plaques giving hopeful messages and cancer fighting suggestions, and a interactive computer which will contain names of central Ohioans who have survived cancer. Architect: Milosav Cekic Architects Landscape Architect: First Avenue Design General contractor: Gutknecht Construction Budget: $1,317,805.00 Keywords: United States, Ohio, Franklin County, Columbus, The Ohio State University, institutional buildings, school buildings, outdoor spaces, plazas, planned landscapes, site plans.
1990s (1990 - 1999)