Brooklyn Navy Yard

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    Water: Park Condition
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Christa Radosavljevic (designer)
Jason Kentner (studio professor)
Fall 2014
North and Central America->United States->New York->New York->Brooklyn (borough)->Brooklyn Navy Yard
This was a student project by Christa Radosavljavic in a class taught by Jason Kentner in the Autumn of 2014.
There are many large green spaces and a smaller green smaller green spaces in this niche of city we saw potential to create a larger network to connect them and give the public direction and destination in terms of green space. We also wanted what we were doing to do would fit in with the larger picture of what New York, and specifically Brooklyn, was doing with its waterfront. We proposed a piece of the waterfront located at the Brooklyn Navy Yard would become a public land use that would not rid itself of industry completely, but rather reintroduce and strengthen the idea of industry and public co-existing in a peaceful juxtaposition.
In short, we are trying to tie together the waterfront pieces of Brooklyn and Manhattan with the use of a public land that provides uses to industry as well the general public in the surrounding area. We decided this could best be done by the use of four different strategies, two focusing on site (water and brownfield) and two on network and barrier (path and wall). We divided the Navy Yard into districts according to how we wanted to organize the existing waterfront industry. Each of these strategies were positioned throughout the Navy yard districts made and conditionally changed according to the District they were placed in.
Landscape Architecture
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LARCH 3940
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