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Campanile, Florence

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Aimee Moore (was created by)
Andrea Pisano (was created by)
Giotto (architect)
1334 (Giotto began construction); 1337-1348 (Pisano addition) 1350-1359 (Talenti addition)
Construction for the Campanile began in July 1334 based on a design by Giotto. By the time of his death in 1337 only the first order was complete. Andrea Pisano continued the project and added three more orders until his death in 1348. No work was completed between 1348-1350. Talenti, who designed the Cathedral, completed the last three orders of the Campanile by 1359. Giotto's original plan for a spire was never realized. This image depicts the final three orders designed by Talenti. The Campanile is located on the Piazza del Duomo, next to Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence Cathedral). Keywords: Italy, Firenze, Florence, towers (single built works), views, quattrocento. Submitted by Aimee Moore for ARCH/LARCH 200.
Gothic (1200 - 1350 CE)
Gothic Manuscripts (1200 - 1350 CE)
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