Cathedral, Cathedral Square, Pisa, Italy

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The Pisa cathedral complex includes the Pisa Cathedral, the Campanile (Leaning Tower), Baptistery, and the Campo Santo. The complex is well known for its remarkable exterior marble ornamentation. The Cathedral was begun in 1063 and consecrated in 1118. The original architect was Buschetus and the western extension of the nave was designed by Rainaldus and completed in 1272. The cathedral's plan is a Latin cross. It has a nave with double aisles and transepts with an apse at each end. The elliptical dome over the crossing is from a later date. The exterior is covered with marble revetment and incorporates galleries and blind arcades, giving the structure a sumptuous inlay effect. Keywords: Italian Romanesque, Pisan style, blind arcades, pilasters, polychrome veneering.
Romanesque (950 - 1200 CE)