Center for Civil and Human Rights

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Moody/Nolan, Ltd. Inc. (architect)
The Center will not only commemorate the groundbreaking contributions of Atlantans and Georgians to the historic struggle for African-American freedom and equality, but also serve as a space for ongoing dialogue, study, and contributions to the resolution of current and future freedom struggles of all people at local, national, and international levels. This facility will give visitors a place to learn about the past and engage conversations about the future. The Center will be a portal for exploration and discussion through performances, lectures, symposiums and partnerships across the Atlanta and Georgia community; the Center intends to be the global hub for contemporary discussion on the link between civil rights lessons and human rights issues. Mission - This Center will explore the universal search for a secure human existence, in a way that inspires vigilance and leadership among future generations. Content Scope -The Center will include the complementary stories of the struggles for both Civil and Human Rights in the past and present while highlighting the groundbreaking contributions of Atlanta's and Georgia's individuals, institutions, and events. Programming - The facility will be a 'living' Center where visitors experience content in multiple ways. Interactive exhibitions, immersive activities and hi-tech offerings will inspire visitors. The King Papers will be a critical part of the exhibition offering of the Center.