Child Care Center

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The Child Care Center is Herrick Archives Building Number 385, and is located at 725 Ackerman Road on the Ohio State University campus. It is a one-story frame building designed by Dan A. Carmichael. The site was leased to Teggart, Marryolt Reardon/Target Construction Co. Leadership Group (TMR/Target) under an agreement that the construction company would construct the facility, lease it back to the University for a period of 18 years, and then the title of the facility would go back to the University. The building was designed for 300 children. Of these, 200 are financed by the Ohio State Foundation and 100 by University Hospitals. Those who are served are children of faculty members, staff, students, and low-income families. Fees are based on income level. Keywords: United States, Ohio, Franklin County, Columbus, OSU, The Ohio State University, institutional buildings, school buildings, site plans, child care centers, day care center.
1980s (1980 - 1989)