Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana

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"Master planning for Christian Theological Seminary began in 1961. The campus was built in phases as funds allowed and was completed in 1987 with the dedication of Sweeney Chapel. From the start we decided to build not separate buildings but a continuous chain. The S-shaped plan defines two outdoor spaces: an entrance court facing the street and a quiet open square overlooking the flood plane of the White River eighty feet below. At one end are the social functions: the lounge, dining hall, and theater. Next comes a procession of rooms around the great square - offices, seminar rooms, lecture halls, and library. Finally, hanging over the bluff is the chapel - a block with a bell tower anchoring the corner of the campus. The materials, appropriately, continue throughout: cream-colored pebble-concrete exteriors and white plaster interiors set off with bold commissioned art by George Ortman, Victor Vasarely, Ben Nicholson, Arnaldo Pomodoro, and others. The entire campus appears as a unit, with the bell tower and chapel rising above." (Edward Larrabee Barnes, Architect. (1994), p. 134)
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