City of Culture of Galicia

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    View of 3D Model of Music Theater
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Europe->Portugal->Galicia (autonomous community)->Coruña, A (province)->Santiago de Compostela
"The buildings of the City of Culture spread out over the terrain like a moldable mass of clay linked together by five long, tree-lined thoroughfares. Alluding to five streets of Santiago's old quarter, as well as to their traditional extensions with 'rueiros', and in fact the final shape of the complex springs from the plan of the historic core, which is superposed by the characteristic striated surface of the 'venera', the scallop shell that is the symbol of the pilgrim's road to Santiago. Raising its shaken silhouette to the cathedral towers, over the highway that holds together Galicia's Atlantic facade, the new City of Culture presents itself as a magic mountain for pilgrims of knowledge.
Major components of the CCG are The Museum of Galician History (172,000 square feet) , New Technologies Center (135,000 square feet) , Music Theater (220,000 square feet) , Galician Library (122,000 square feet) and Periodicals Archive (86,000 square feet) , Central Services and Administration building (50,000 square feet), and Surrounding the built area of the CCG is the Arboretum of Galicia: an area of gardens and native woodland, conceived as both a recreational and an educational facility. While demonstrating the importance of biodiversity and habitat preservation, the Arboretum may also serve a ceremonial function, as a place where distinguished Galicians and honored visitors may be invited to plant local species, as their way of leaving a mark on the CCG." --Description from:
In 2013 the project was halted due to high costs and budget overruns.

Keywords: Ciudad de la Cultura de Galicia, Spain, Santiago de Compostela, A Coruna, model, exhibition buildings. Submitted by Timothy Crowther, recipient of the 2005 Whitaker Travelling Fellowship.
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