Clean Energy Bob Evans

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Spring 2015
Bob Evans is known for their hearty meals, family dining, and a representation of the farm life. Bob Evans recently realized that they were pulling away from their roots of the farm and started their "refresh and renew" campaign. This included renovating the vision of what Bob Evans looks like and what the experience should be throughout the restaurant. Instead of being literal with the "down on the farm" décor, they went with earthy tones and added wood to create a more clean, almost sterile, environment. They also pushed the idea of bringing the kitchen to the front, including a bakery to present this "fresh" concept. However, we’ve decided that what they’ve created is a restaurant that wants to sell freshness and their brand throughout the store. In reality it presents other brands in various ways and still has these heavy meals that make one feel sluggish and not refreshed, and doesn’t attract the younger generations into the restaurant. We believe that Bob Evans’ vision isn’t so far off from their goal of freshness but needs a new direction. We proposed the Clean Energy Bob Evans. The Clean Energy Bob Evans presents a restaurant that is agile to the customers, allowing them to order off a simple menu and choose a seat that best suits their needs; whether that be sitting down with family and friends or a quick grab 'n go to class. Clean Energy also involves interactions with the environment which ties closely to Bob Evans history. Gardens spring up throughout the restaurant initiating different qualities of space and acting as light wells. The different herbs and vegetables would be used by Bob Evans and a Greenhouse that houses a market would promote the idea of freshness. The site is located on two different grids, setting up the organization and keeping the overall design rigid to the grid and the site.
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