Collector's Chamber

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Spring 2014
Spring second year projects examine two critical aspects within the discipline of architecture: the creation of borders (edges, transitions, threshold, corners) and the creation of space (enclosure, volume, interiority.) The semester is organized to isolate, interrogate and exaggerate the potential of these aspects. The first half of the semester relies heavily on conventional modes of representation of nontraditional concepts. We will design a field and an architecture for viewing with maximum exterior and minimal interior. The second half of the semester focuses on the creation of space, prioritizing poche and volume. The final project, a chamber, is a four week group project culminating in hanging models with an exhibitionâ€style review. The models represent a spatial relationship between an open viewing zone and semiâ€enclosed display zone, and are represented by a scaled volumetric architectural model at 1:12. The project, an archive for a collector, focuses on the creation of volume, programmed poche, and structure. The exterior and interior develop incongruences as they negotiate the need to contain, structurally hang and present themselves as an object. Similar to the contemporary Schaulager (looking/storage), which invented a new typology; this project is neither a museum nor a traditional warehouse, but rather a chamber for viewing a collection.
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