Conversion | Diversion

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Amanda Fortman (was created by)
Kay Bea Jones (studio professor)
Fall 2014
North and Central America->United States->Illinois->Chicago->University of Chicago
Conversion | Diversion is a project for the University of Chicago's campus including a large amount of housing for the students, program for the university for all students, and retail for the public. The project focuses on edge conditions and major pathways created by the university. The University of Chicago's campus doesn't have a strict or rigid edge of where campus ends and the city and neighborhoods begin; it begins to bleed out into areas. However, the street condition that occurs on the university is very strict, and follows axes that are made by either pathways through the university or by building gestures that sit next to one another. With the location of the site occurring at the northeast corner of the campus, this idea of the strict street condition versus the organic elements of the campus as a whole creates tension along the edges and the site responds to axes and pathways that set up an organization that allows these two very different conditions to come together.
2010s (2010 - 2019)
ARCH 4410
Academic Class