De Polygoon Kindergarten and School, Almere, Netherlands

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"This school consists of two blocks: one which houses the classrooms and a taller one with the administration offices, a gym and a playroom. Each block has been treated differently. At their junction, a hall serves as common space which can be used as an amphitheater. The sixteen classrooms are not arranged around a central indoor square but along an elongated space. In the middle of this 'street', supplementary instruction rooms are placed like a train of working islands, giving it a spatial differentiation. In between the working islands are open areas which serve four classrooms each. The entire length of the street is flooded with daylight through a continuous strip of skylights." -- Bergeijk, H. (1997). Herman Hertzberger/Herman van Bergeijk. Basel; Boston: Birkhäuser Verlag.
1990s (1990 - 1999)