Dual Center: Hale Hall Renovation and Expansion

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Yidi Yang (was created by)
Kay Bea Jones (studio professor)
Spring 2015
Hale Hall supports academic and social activities for OSU students. Hale is the new home of the Black Cultural Center established in 1973. As an historical building, Hale Hall owns a significant position facing the South Oval. For these reasons, I have designed an expansion featuring two new architectural centers. One is in the historical building, facilitating students’ activities and celebrating Hale Hall’s history; the other is in the new expansion, reinforcing relations with the landscape. The individual identity of each results from its materials, seasonal changes and spatial morphology. The “fire†center in the old building has a double floor atrium and the original hearth. The central space is opened up for students’ various activities by removing the wall and locating rooms around its edge. The atrium connection to the office spaces at the second floor facilitates communication among students. The fireplaces mark the center and remind people of the history of Hale Hall. The “earth†center featured by the display garden in the new addition has transparent layers that connect views to the landscape of the South Oval. The garden brings natural light in and casts spot light into the performance space under it. The garden view varies at different times of a day and during different seasons of a year. The enthusiastic “fire†center forms contrast with the static “earth†center. The expansion is consistent with the OSU framework plan, so that it does not interrupt pedestrian circulation. The roof garden on the restored historic terrace forms not only a relationship to the south oval but also provides an overlook to the display garden in new building.
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