Duomo or Basilica Ursiana, Ravenna

Related people
Giovanni Francesco Buonamici (architect)
Giovanni Battista Mercati (painter)
Andrea Barbiani (painter)
(original creation around) 400 AD;1733 (demolished);1734-1735 (rebuilt by Giovanni Francesco Buonamici)
Europe->Italy-> Emilia-Romagna (region)->Ravenna
Built by bishop Orso in the 5th century with nave and double aisles. It was demolished in 1733 and rebuilt by the architect Giovanni Francesco Buonamici. The cylindrical 10th century bell-tower is completely different from the fa├žade in baroque style. Some fragments from the original basilica can be seen today in the Archiepiscopal Museum.
Early Christian (29 - c. 500 CE (edict of Milan 315))