Echo Stoa, Sanctuary of Zeus (The Altis), Olympia, Greece

4th century BCE
This is an image of the ruins of the Echo Stoa with the Stoa of Hestia in the foreground. The East Stoa or Stoa of Echo was erected in the 4th century BCE, probably by Philip II. The Stoa was called "echo" because of its acoustics, and was also known as the Stoa Poikile from the paintings which adorned it. It had an inner and an outer Doric colonnade. The sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia located in the western Peloponnese was, aside from Delphi, the most important sanctuary of ancient Greece. It owes its fame, both in antiquity and in modern times, to the Olympic games which took place in Olympia every four years bringing together the entire Greek world for peaceful competition.
stone and/or rock