Pan Nordic Building

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Tiina Parkkinen (was created by)
Alfred Berger (architect)
Berger + Parkkinen Architects (architect)
Europe->Germany->Berlin (state)->Berlin
The five Nordic countries - Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden - decided to build their embassies together on one site. Five comparatively small buildings are located on the fringes of Tiergarten in the center of Berlin, which is quickly becoming more densely populated. It is not a conventional means of architecture that give these buildings their presence within this context but their quality of defining a landscape. The particular built elements are cut out of a solid whole. The buildings' facades define the voids between them. The open space remains as an invitation to communicate and at the same time provides the necessary distance for the specific position of each embassy. "A copper band wraps and links the buildings on the outer edge. The skin obscures the built solidity of the embassies and forms a gentle transition to the dimension of the Tiergarten landscape. The large scale gives the group of six buildings the quality of a landmark in the heart of Berlin."-- Keywords: Germany, Berlin, public buildings.
1990s (1990 - 1999)