Sparks Medical Office

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    Sparks Medical Office Building
    Pharmacy Elevation from High Street and Oak Street Corner
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WSA Studio (architect)
2008 (completed)
North and Central America->United States->Ohio->Madison (county)->London
The Sparks Medical Office Building is the first new building designed for downtown London, Ohio in nearly twenty years. The building will serve as a pharmacy for the owner and medical clinics for local doctors. The site selection is within close proximity to nearly ninety percent of the town's population, and is within easy walking distance to a number of downtown neighborhoods. The pharmacy is situated on the corner and glass is used to allow for a strong visual connection between passersby and the pharmacist.
The building's elevations and details are scaled to fill the gap between the facades of downtown and the surrounding light commercial and residential neighborhoods. Materials are intended to borrow from adjacent structures and evoke a fresh interpretation of contextual building products.

Civil Engineer: Sands Decker
Structural Engineer: Shirk and O'Donovan
General Contractor: Ruscilli