Exhibition Project

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Chelsea Meyer (designer)
Alexandros Tsamis (studio professor)
Winter 2009
This was a student project by Chelsea Meyer for Alexandros Tsamis's ARCH 202 course, Winter 2009.
Project Statement: "Because our final products were to be based off of our original cubes, I chose to maintain an openness throughout the landscape. The most prominent feature of this model is the immediate variation near the center of the landscape in the amount of materials used. This landscape presents themes of layering and converging, originating previously from the patterned sections. The exhibition's similar themes of layering and converging derive from that of the landscape, but by choosing dark materials the landscape does not distract from the exhibition space. The exhibition model is created from bass wood and Plexiglas materials so as to further reflect the ideas of the landscape. The bass wood is a natural material that would fit well with the landscape, and the Plexiglas of the ribbon window establishes a single plane on which the pools nearby are reflected." - Chelsea Meyer
2000s (2000 - 2009)
ARCH 202
Academic Class