Farm House 18, The Ohio State University

Farm House 18 is shown here as Herrick Archives number 971. The address was 3485 Case Road until May 1977 when it was changed to 2485 W. Case Road. These buildings were not officially named by the Board of Trustees. In addition to the house, there were nine outbuildings. The property, including 57.78 acres of land, was acquired from William F. and Anna M. Lane by deed dated March 19, 1954. The outbuildings: A. A garage, now unit 7 of the Swine Evaluation Station (148) B. A henhouse and attached Shed No. 2 now used by the Swine Evaluation Station as an office and shop. C. A milke house, no longer statnding. D. Barn No.2 removed by the University in 1954. E. A shed, still standing (as of 1973). F. A coal shed, no longer standing. G. A shed, no longer statnding. H. Barn No. 1, demolished 1957. I. Shed No. 1, demolished 1957.
1950s (1950 - 1959)