Farm Science Review Buildings, The Ohio State University

S 19: 1966; S 20: 1964
The Farm Science Review Buildings are Herrick Archives Building numbers S 19 and S 20 as shown. The address of the two buildings is 2400 W. Case Road. The buildings are small temporary buildings on runners. They have for several years been adjacent and south of the Equipment Storage Building on Gay Avenue at 3400 Case Road. S 19 is a frame building 8' x 20' built in the Agricultural Engineering shop in 1966 and then moved to the Farm Science Review area. It cost $602.30. In 1976, it was moved again and was used as a police headquarters during the Farm Science Review. And later, in 1982, the building was moved again to the new Farm Scienve Review site in Madison County. It was returned in 1983 and placed at the south end of the Equipment Storage Building --its original location. S 20 is a frame building 8' x 24'. It was formerly a real estate office at Olentangy River Road and Henderson Road. It was purchased for $400 in 1964 and moved to the Farm Science Review area at a cost of $100. It was later moved in 1977 and is now used for storage. Keywords: United States, Ohio, Franklin County, Columbus, The Ohio State University, site plans, farm storage buildings, agricultural structures.
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