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Michael Corbitt (was created by)
Kristy Balliet (studio professor)
Spring 2014
Spring second year projects examine two critical aspects within the discipline of architecture: the creation of borders (edges, transitions, threshold, corners) and the creation of space (enclosure, volume, interiority). The semester is organized to isolate, interrogate and exaggerate the potential of these aspects. The first half of the semester relies heavily on conventional modes of representation of nontraditional concepts. We will design a field and an architecture for viewing with maximum exterior and minimal interior. The second half of the semester focuses on the creation of space, prioritizing poche and volume. Gateways are situated just beyond sculpture and at the edge of architecture; in many ways an exaggerated, grandiose, and concentrated version of an architectural proposal. At its best, it glorifies entry, has an intimate and deliberate connection to the ground, horizon and the sky, minimizes apertures and maximizes corners. The scale of the project is small, allowing for exploration through large sections and models. The Gateway is explicitly not a building but rather a glorified arch with amplified connections and distinct voids. We will embrace the verticality and exploit the contrast of compressive space and expansive views. The program will expand upon the traditional typology of a gateway/arch, emphasizing circulation, views and curated movement.
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