Gateway Bob Evans

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Spring 2015
Gateway: Bob Evans places a Bob Evans restaurant on the Ohio State University campus. The site chosen for the project is the Wexner Center Plaza, which has also been called the gateway to campus. The concept of long, narrow, overlapping spaces allows for the possibility of traveling through Bob Evans with as little interruption as possible for students traveling to and from class during the day. It is with this in mind that two out of the three new food service models for Gateway: Bob Evans were designed. The first service model being a grab and go wall, a new take on the automat, and the second being a bike ride through. Gateway: Bob Evans contains different spaces for dining, such as a big stairs where students can sit and relax between classes, as well as a bird's nest dining room designed as a new take on the Wexner Center scaffolding. This onsite dining, coupled with the third food service, fast casual, addresses the change of dining experience that a student may seek from daytime dining to evening dining, where a student may now be looking for a seated dining experience. These different engagements with the building are called out with the color red, for example, the countertops at the fast casual counter, red outlined mailboxes on the grab and go wall, and red framing around selected openings like that of the grab and go entrance and ride-through window. The services areas, like the kitchen and restrooms, lie within a long service bar on one side, and all the different dining experience zones lie on the other side. Overlapping occurs at the fast casual counter and ride through window along a jagged line, as well as the big stairs and kitchen storage area right next to it. A third area is the outdoor structural framed area. Special events may be held here, giving the illusion that Bob Evans is expanding and shrinking. This illusion of change mimics that of the food service model change between day and evening.
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