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Ann Pendleton-Jullian (studio professor)
Fall 2014
Gloriumptious aims to refocus what the dynamics of academic student life can be in the modern age. Gloriumptious is an active dormitory that not only accommodates the student body, but also participates in the development of ideas and culture that naturally emits from this student body. The three typologies of tower, plinth, and pavilion are used as abstract representation of the stages of an idea’s development as well as programmatic devices for organization. The Tower houses the dorms, the Plinth is the incubator of social interactions and new ideas and explorations, and the pavilions are intimate and focused and bring in the activity of the city and campus at the ground level. The types mesh internally but remain disconnected externally to emphasize difference in program and mentality. Gloriumptious, like its name implies, attempts to create a dormitory that allows for a type of proud spirit towards new ideas and cultures that are the identity of the students residing within. There is a sweetness that comes from a place of cultural genesis and especially when it comes from young passionate minds. A dorm is no longer adequate as only a place of sleep and leisure. It should be a monument to the academies and and institutions that they function within.
2010s (2010 - 2019)
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