Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Situated next to the old Washburn-Crosby A. Mill, the new Guthrie Theater Center pays homage to its industrial neighbors. The exterior is a composition of metal and glass. The outer walls and the walls and ceiling of the lobby and bridge display scenes from the life of the Guthrie. The 53-meter cantilevered bridge extends over the river front; its windows are in blue glass. The Guthrie has three auditoria linked by a transverse walkway; The Wurtele Thrust Stage, seating 1,100, The McGuire Proscenium Stage, seating 700, and The Dowling Studio Theater seating 250. The project also includes rehearsal rooms, classrooms, administrative offices, production and support facilities, restaurants, bars and parking. The new building, replacing the former facility at Vineland Place, is Jean Novel's first completed North American project. Total area: 285,000 square feet Completed: June 2006 Client: Guthrie Theater Architect: Ateliers Jean Nouvel Design architect: Jean Nouvel Schematic Design: Brigitte Metra Design Development and Construction: Bertram Beissel Local Architect: Architectural Alliance Engineers Structure: Ericksen & Roed Fluid: Michaud & Cooley Keywords: United States, Minnesota, Hennepin County, Minneapolis, performing art structures, theaters. Submitted by Robert Wandel, AIA.
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