Hokooksa, Chinju, Korea

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"Dancheong (Korean painting)" refers to Korean-style decorative coloring used on buildings or other items to convey beauty and majesty. It is done by applying various patterns and paintings in certain areas. Five basic colors are used: red, blue, yellow, black and white. Ordinarily, 'dancheong' refers to the painting of buildings constructed of wood. The colors reflect the characteristics of the historical period in which it was created and the order of colors used was determined by the characteristics, size, and appearance of the building. The history of Korean dancheong can be traced via murals in old tombs during the Three Kingdoms period (57 B.C.-A.D. 668). This image shows the interior view of Kumgangmoon (gate) of Hokooksa (temple) located in Chinju, Korea. Kumgangmoon is a gate, which symbolizes Kumgangryuksa (a god who protects Buda and temples). Keywords: South Korea, Kyongsangnam-do, South Kyongsang (province), Chinju (city), Korean painting, Dancheong, ceremonial and religious structures, temples, Buddhism, wood. Submitted by Misun Hur.
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