Intellectual Landscape Multilayer Neighborhood

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    Map Overlaid on City
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Jingya Yuan (designer)
Bart Overly (studio professor)
Spring 2013
North and Central America->United States->New York->New York->New York Times Building->Manhattan ( borough)
I built an intellectual neighborhood in a future pop Midwest-Manhattan area. A report about the population growth in the coming 20 years shows that half of the growth will be seniors over 65 years old. So I tried to build a neighborhood which can provide seniors convenience in their daily lives and mix them with the young. Moreover, by studying the multilayer system of Manhattan, I overlapped the space high up in the towers to the Trans-Manhattan Expressway and used its characteristics to symbolize a series of public spaces throughout the neighborhoods, which makes them special.
These 'public space tubes' will all meet the ground in the intellectual landscape park which is designed in response to the schist, deep below the buildings and busy streets of NYC. Beneath the labyrinth of subway tunnels and stations is the geologic foundation of Manhattan that makes NYC unique. And it makes the topography of the park change a lot and form interesting moments along the tubes towards the riverfront.
Landscape Architecture
2010s (2010 - 2019)
LARCH 7940
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