Islands of Rio

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South America->Brazil->Rio de Janeiro
The objective of this project was to master plan a housing system on the remnants of the future Olympic site in Rio de Janeiro. In the process of repurposing we were instructed to take advantage of what was given with the site and also improve upon it. The idea for our housing project for Rio is the simple idea of recreating what Rio is famous for which is its mountains and beaches. This was achieved with a simple cut and fill process of digging out a system of rivers to create a lagoon and pour the earth onto the tops of the newly created islands. The housing then comes in to create a barrier between these two ideal landscapes of the green mountains and of the sandy, sunny beaches. This simple idea allowed for the project to multiple across the islands. The building up of the landscape along the backside of the housing allow for all of the structure and infrastructure to be masked under the earth while also creating cooler climates for the housing units. To create connections for one landscape to the other, cuts were made on either side, some to allow for open public and commercial spaces and some to allow for divisions in the bars of housing that create pathways directly from the beach to the green landscape. the housing itself is designed in a manner so that each of the housing units sets back as it gets higher allowing for each apartment to have its own private exterior space.
2010s (2010 - 2019)
ARCH 441
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